Is it possible that you have a clogged or damaged sewer line? Having a functioning sewer line is crucial because it leads to the drains you have in your home, helping you eliminate daily wastewater. If there is an issue, wastewater might not go to the right place, which means you could find sewage coming back up in your bathtub, kitchen sink, and even your toilet. Pay attention to the signs of a severe issue with the sewer line and get a plumber involved to get professional help.

How to Tell If a Problem Exists

The simplest way for you to tell if you have a sewer line issue is to look at your plumbing fixtures. If these fixtures smell bad, drain slowly, or even have sewage coming back up, there is likely something going on with your sewer line that you are not aware of just yet. Some people will notice issues both indoors and outdoors. For example, you may have these issues inside the home while noticing large cracks appearing in the foundation surrounding your property. Because of the hazards associated with those foundation cracks, the best thing for you to do is get an emergency plumber involved.

What Does the Plumber Need to Do?

The plumber needs to fix the sewer line, but before they can do that, they must thoroughly examine it to see what is happening inside it. The emergency plumber will bring a large endoscope to your property, stretching it down through the drains and into the sewer line to get a view of what the problem might be. The high-quality inspection camera provides color images of everything. You can watch the plumber while they use this camera to check your sewer line. You might feel as if you are right inside the drains because of the quality of the footage provided by the inspection camera.

An inspection of the sewer line is only the beginning of it all. The plumber can use the footage to identify the issues causing you to experience problems with drains in your home. You may have a clogged sewer line that needs to get cleared out, or you might have a damaged one that needs to get replaced. Whether you need repairs or a sewer line replacement, your emergency plumber can handle the job.

Which Service Takes More Time to Complete?

Repairing the sewer line requires a bit less work than a full replacement. If you are only dealing with a clogged sewer line, the plumber may use a hydro-jetting technique to remove the debris. When using the hydro-jetting method, the plumber can clear the clog without using any harmful chemicals. The plumber should have no problem clearing the sewer line in a few hours, meaning you could have your sewer line problems eliminated by the end of the day.

If you have a lot of damage to your sewer line and it needs replacing, there is some extra work involved, but a good plumber can handle it. The plumber would need to find your sewer line's exact location in the ground, begin digging it up, and remove any damaged parts prior to installing new ones. The process of replacing the sewer line can take more than just a day because the plumber might need to get a permit from the city that you live in to start handling the job.

You may have a clogged or heavily damaged sewer line that needs to get worked on by a plumber. If you have noticed some of the problems that commonly occur when there is an issue with the sewer line, speak to an emergency plumber and let them perform an inspection to see what might be wrong before fixing any problems.