Nearly every region has a storm season, whether it is in late summer or sometimes in winter or spring. One part of the home that is often overlooked when it comes to storms is the plumbing. Plumbing can flood during big rain events, but the following tips can help you prevent this issue.

1. Clean Your Drains

Extensive rainfall can lead to high groundwater levels, which can leak into your main sewer drain. When this happens, the likelihood of backup into your home increases. You can decrease the risk of this happening by ensuring there are no developing clogs, whether from debris or tree roots, in the drain line. If your drains have been slow lately or if you occasionally get a whiff of sewage, it's a good idea to have the drain cleaned before storm season arrives.

2. Locate Your Water Main Shutoff

Depending on the severity of the storm, you may need to shut off your water main in order to prevent contaminated water from entering your home. Know the location of the water main shutoff valve before storm season. In some homes, the valve is in the basement or in a utility room. In others, it may be in the garage or set inside an in-ground utility box. If you know where it is, you can find it quickly in the event of a major storm.

3. Consider a Sump Pump

For homes with a basement that is prone to moisture or flooding, a sump pump can save your home from flood damage when heavy rain occurs. These pumps come on automatically when they detect moisture. The water is then pumped out of your basement and well away from your home, thus preventing the basement from flooding.

4. Install a Backwater Check Valve

If sewage backup due to heavy rains overloading the system is a concern, a backwater check valve is the solution. This valve automatically shuts off the sewer line in the event effluent begins to flow backwards and into your home. A plumber can install this valve on the line if you don't already have one.

5. Seal Your Foundation Entries

Plumbing pipes typically enter the home through the foundation. If the space between the pipe and the foundation isn't properly sealed, water from heavy rainfall and flooding can also enter your home through the space. Fortunately, these spaces can be quickly sealed, which will prevent any unnecessary water leaks.

Contact a contractor in your area for more plumbing assistance.