Many people all over the country live in older homes that were originally erected decades or even over a hundred years ago. If your home isn't brand-new, then what you don't know about your water pipes could be hurting you. Here's what you should know.

Lead Pipes

Many homes manufactured in the 1960s and earlier actually used lead pipes. These pipes were popular because lead was inexpensive and durable, but unfortunately, it can lead to health problems for people who are drinking the water coming out of those pipes.

To make matters worse, many of these pipes that were only causing trace amounts of lead to be in water are now emitting more. That's because these pipes are starting to break down, which can result in more lead making it into the water supply as it passes through.

Lead Soldering

Even if your house isn't quite that old, you still might have a lead problem. Homes built as late as the 1980s sometimes used lead soldering in order to fuse pipes together. Just like with lead pipes, over time, this soldering can start to break down and enter the water supply as a result.

What's So Bad About Lead?

If you don't know, lead is an extremely dangerous heavy metal. Heavy metals are feared when it comes to human health because the body lacks a way of getting rid of them once they're in the body. When you add the fact that lead is extremely dangerous to health and can even have negative effects on children's' developing minds, it becomes clear that lead is something you shouldn't be ingesting or letting your children ingest.

What to Do

If you have old pipes, one possible solution for you is to have all the pipes in your home replaced. But this can be extremely expensive and also interrupt your daily life as the walls may need to be opened up to access the pipes and fully replace them.

Instead, an easier solution is to install a water filtration system. These systems are designed to remove sediment, minerals, and dangerous things like lead. They can be set up to filter the entire home's water supply, ensuring that you're not being exposed to lead, whether you're washing your hands or taking a shower.

Lead is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. If your house is a few decades old at this point, consider getting a whole-home water filtration system.