Toilets and tubs are two things that should never go together. One deals with dangerous waste, while the other is there to help you to get clean. Unfortunately, the two sometimes do go together when plumbing problems start. Here's what you should know if flushing your toilet triggers strange sounds from your tub.

Potential Blockage

If all you're hearing is noise coming from your tub, like bubbling, burbling water, then you're ahead of the game. The good news here is that you may be able to have your problem treated early and keep the trouble and the mess to a minimum. However, it doesn't change the fact that you likely have a blockage somewhere in your plumbing.

Things like the toilet and tub typically use the same pipes to drain off water from themselves. What this means is that if the toilet flushes and can't get where it needs to go, that pressure will come up wherever it can, like through your tub's drain. Right now, since you're only hearing sounds, it likely means that you're dealing with a partial blockage as the water is eventually making it through. But the water might not be able to do that until it's partially come up in your tub's plumbing.

Finding It

For a problem like this, you definitely need the help of a plumber. Not only are you dealing with an annoying blockage, but you have no idea where it is. Simply breaking out the plunger won't help here.

Your plumber will be able to find your problem by using a camera scope. This can be lowered through a drain and delivers an image to a screen or phone that allows your plumber to look for the exact problem. If they scope your interior pipes and don't see anything, it may mean that there's an issue with the sewer line.

The sewer line is what leads away from your house and carries everything that goes down the drain to the sewer. When it gets blocked, problems like yours can occur.

Treating It

Plumbers have a wide variety of ways to treat a problem like yours, including using a drain cleaner, a mechanical snake, or a hydrojet. If you're concerned about the environment, stick with a snake or hydrojetting. These two methods don't use anything beyond water and tools to break up and push down the blockage, but they're extremely effective and quick at what they do, too.

For more information, contact a local plumbing service.