Beautiful, custom cabinetry. A gorgeous expanse of granite on a huge, center island. These are the things most people think about when they want to start talking kitchen remodel. Some of the most important conversations, however, should be had with your plumber long before picking out the finishing touches. Upgraded, well-thought-out plumbing choices can make or break a kitchen remodel. 

1. Dishwasher: Having a dishwasher in your kitchen is pretty standard these days. Having two is sheer luxury. If you have the space, a second dishwasher would be a very convenient addition to your kitchen remodel.

2. Pot-Filler: While you could struggle to lug a six-gallon pot of water over to the stove, you don't have to. Talk to your plumber about installing a special spigot directly over the stove. This pot-filler faucet folds out of the way when not in use but is readily available when you need to boil water or make soup. 

3. Foot-Operated Sink: In professional kitchens, one of the ways the chefs prevent the spread of nasty bacteria, like salmonella, is to make sure they do not touch the faucet with their hands. Instead, they utilize a foot-operated faucet that turns on and off when they step on it, preventing the spread of bacteria all around. 

4. Second Sink: When you have more than one cook in the kitchen, it can get crowded and sink space can become premium real estate. Having a second sink in the center island or in a nearby butler's pantry can help alleviate the traffic. Talk to your plumber early in the planning stages to coordinate its location and the location of all the pipes with the rest of the design and build crew.

5. Ice Maker: While having a fridge that can dispense ice is nice, the latest trend is to have a stand-alone ice maker in the kitchen. These units are convenient for everyday use, but they really prove their worth when you have a house full of guests. 

6. Gray Water: Depending on where you live in the country, gray water recycling may be worked into your overall kitchen remodeling plan. Gray water or, in this case, water that was used in the dishwasher to wash and rinse the dishes, can be diverted to your yard and used to water your lawn and landscaping. 

Taking the time to think about your plumbing choices for your kitchen remodel well ahead of time can make the project a success. 

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