Your plumbing keeps everything around your home flowing, both in and out of your home. If your plumbing isn't working as it should, it could cause a disruption in your home both with the water coming in and with the sewage going out. To help keep everything flowing properly, there are a few things you can do. Read on for tips you can use to prevent a disruption in your homes plumbing.

Use Drains Wisely

Your drains should be used properly and wisely. Mind what you put into your drains and it will prevent clogs and other issues as well. Only use the proper items in your drain such as toilet paper and waste. Never put anything else down your drains such as food particles (unless you have a garbage disposal), paint, grease or oils, or pieces of bar soap. Be sure to use the drain stopper in your drains all the time, and if you need a replacement drain stopper, purchase a new one from your local hardware store.

Switch To DrainSensitive Products

If your drains clog often, it may be in your best interest to switch to drain sensitive products instead. You can find these products at your load grocery store. Be sure they say they are good for sensitive drains. Products such as one-ply toilet paper or toilet paper that dissolves quickly may be best for your drains. You can also switch from bar soap to body wash, which dissolves better in water.

Keep Trees Away From The Main Sewer Line

Trees that are planted too closely to your main sewer line can have roots that grow into the sewer line, which can then cause clogs and backups in your home. If you do have trees that are too close to the sewer line, you may want to consider replanting them elsewhere  if possible, or have them removed altogether. If you do have tree roots growing into your sewer line, you may have noticed backups in your shower or bathtub, your toilet may gurgle, or you may have had backups in your dishwasher or washing machine. 

To help keep your plumbing flowing as it should, use the tips above to help you. If you end up with a problem with your plumbing (incoming or outgoing), contact a professional plumber for help to make the repair for you to ensure the work is done properly and to help prevent it from happening again.