If your garage has a drain in the floor, you may need to take some steps every now and then to ensure that this drain does not get clogged. After all, a drain on a garage floor can come in contact with a lot of different types of debris and materials that could lead to clogs in the line. Here are some tips to help you keep this drain clear and clog-free and some options if it is already clogged.

Clean it Out Occasionally

A garage floor drain generally has a small round cover on it that has holes in it, and this drain cover is removable. To remove it, you may need to unscrew it or pry a screwdriver under it to prop it up. In either case, removing it on occasion is a great idea, as this will allow you to clean out part of the drain.

When you get the cover off, can you see debris? If so, pull it all out with your hand. If you have a small plumber's tool that is used for clearing lines, you could also stick this device in the drain and pull up. If you do this every couple of months, you can stop a lot of the debris from moving down the line and causing a clog in future months.

A second good way to clean the drain is by pouring boiling hot water into it after removing all the visible debris. Pouring around a bucket full is the best option, but even a pot full can help. As you do this, the hot water will help break down trapped debris and will help wash it through the pipe and out to your septic system.

Unclog It

If the drainpipe is clogged, you might be able to unclog it yourself. You could begin handling minor clogs by using a plunger; you will simply need to place the plunger over the hole and then push down and up on it. If you have a plumber's snake, you could also give this a try at this time, as this can help with clogs that are deeper down the line.

If these methods do not work, there is a chance that the clog is really far down the line or that the clog is due to a tree root growing in the main sewer line, and you may need to hire a plumber for help.