Have you ever walked into your kitchen and recognized an awful smell? No matter how much cleaning solution you use, the scent doesn't go away. More than likely, the odor you recognize is not in your bathroom at all. Instead, it's deep down in your drains. Learn some of the reasons why your drains might have an odor.

Dry Trap

If you notice the problem in a bathroom that you don't use often, a dry p-trap is likely the cause of the issue. The p-trap is the pipe that curves just under the sink. When you use a sink often, the p-trap fills with water. 

The water, in turn, blocks the odorous gases that reside deep within your drains. When the p-trap is dry, there is nothing to prevent these gases from coming out. Typically, you can resolve the problem by turning the water on for a few moments to allow the trap to fill back up with water. 

Air Vent Blockage

All plumbing systems have an air vent installed. Air vents are designed to provide the odorous gases naturally found in a sewer line with an escape path. When your plumbing system is functioning correctly, the vents are clear. However, when you continuously make mistakes, such as tossing trash down the drain, the vents can become clogged.

When the vents clog, the gas has nowhere to escape to. As a result, the gas ends up coming up through the drains in your home. Removing a clog from an air vent requires the skill of a professional, so you will need to call a repair technician for assistance. 

Sewer Line Damage

Damage to your sewer line can also cause the drains in your bathroom, and other areas of your home, to emit a foul odor. For example, a clog deep down in the sewer can cause the water to back up. While the water might still drain from you sink without the interruption, the rotten material that is clogged in the line can send an awful odor up through the line and out of the drain. 

If you experience this problem all over your home, it's highly likely that a sewage issue is to blame. A plumbing professional can provide sewer inspection services to find the source of the problem. 

If you recognize a smell coming from the drains in your bathroom, call a plumbing professional right away. A professional will inspect the problem and help guide you on the appropriate repairs.