Drain cleaning is something that not nearly enough homeowners do on a regular basis. Due to the neglect, many homeowners suffer through the battles of freeing up clogged drains. So, how do you know if the individual drain is clogged or if it's a clog somewhere in the home's drainage system? Here, you'll learn the signs that the problem is in the home's drainage system, not the individual fixtures.

1. Problems throughout the House 

If you have slow or clogged drains in different locations of the house, the problem is likely in the home's drainage system. So, if you have a clogged sink in one bathroom and a clogged sink in the kitchen, it's time to think about having the entire system cleaned.

2. Overflow Between Fixtures

If you flush the toilet and water comes up out of the drains in the sinks and bathtubs in that room, as well as other rooms, there's a problem in the system. Go to your toilet and give it a flush – does the water fill up in the toilet, or does it come up a lower drain in the room? If the water doesn't come up out of the tub, the clog is in the toilet, not the drainage system.

3. Bubbles in the Water

If your drains are clogged, and you see air bubbles rising out of them, there is a clog somewhere in the drainage system. Air gets trapped in the plumbing and eventually bubbles up once it reaches the septic tank or sewers – when the drainage system is clogged, the air will rise to the drains in your home, rather than releasing into the sewers.

If after the bubbles rise, the water level doesn't decrease, there is a full-blown clog in the system – there's nowhere left for the water to go. Immediate action to clear the clog is needed before you're swimming in wastewater.

4. Bad Odors

If you get a whiff of raw sewage from time to time, there's a problem somewhere that needs to be identified. It could be that there is wastewater trapped within the drainage system that cannot reach the sewer or septic tank because of a clog.

Slow drains and clogs aren't something to put off fixing. If it's been a while since your drains have been cleaned, it's time to consider having it done. Whether you're having problems now or not, if you have the drains cleaned yearly, you won't have to worry about determining if the clogs are in the fixtures or in the drainage system itself.