Many people tend to replace things simply because it is old. It may not necessarily be worn out yet or need replacing; it is just old. Why replace something if it isn't broken and is still working completely fine? When it comes to home plumbing, some people may replace it prematurely because they aren't sure how to tell when it is time to replace it. So, here are three signs to help you know when it is time for your home plumbing to be replaced.

Sign #1: Your Water Isn't Clear Any Longer

Water should always be clear. When you turn on your faucet and notice that the water coming out is anything but clear, then it is an obvious sign that something is wrong somewhere. If the water has a brown tint to it, there is a good chance that the plumbing pipes have corroded. If there is an ounce of rust in your pipes, the water that flows through your pipes will pick up that rust.

This water isn't good for use. In addition, pipes that have existing rust are more vulnerable to mineral deposits and sediment buildup. This can significantly increase the risk of clogs as well as a burst pipe.

Sign #2: Your Water Has a Weird Smell to It

Have you noticed lately that you water has a strange, foul smell to it? This is not normal and it is often an indication that there is a bacteria buildup within the plumbing pipes. As a general rule, your plumbing pipes (some, possibly all) will need to be replaced. A professional can perform an inspection to determine how much of your plumbing system will require replacement.

Sign #3: There's Water Damage and Mold

Every once in a while, you may experience leaky plumbing fixtures and pipes. When this happens, you will want to repair them in a timely manner. If you don't, that's when trouble can occur. Unfortunately, all leaks may not present themselves to you. Some may be hidden behind the shower wall and you may never realize that you have a leak until it is too late. Sometimes you may not realize you have a leak until a significant moldy stain appears on the wall. When a stain or mold presents itself, you will want to get in touch with a plumber immediately. The longer leaky pipes sit without being repaired, the more damage that will occur.