Your kitchen drain encounters a lot of debris it probably shouldn't: food items like stray noodles, leftover cheese, lettuce, and other pieces of food left on plates and tossed into the sink can clog up your drains unless you catch them in the drain guard first.

There are some things you deliberately put down your kitchen drain, because it seems like no big deal to put small food or beverages down the sink drain. After all, your sink doesn't appear to be clogged, and you have the drain cleaning service company visit your home periodically to check all your home's drains. Still, it's better to be safe than sorry — here are things you should never put down your kitchen sink.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds get stuck in the bottom of a coffee pot or even gather around your filter's tray. While coffee grounds seem to go down your drain without a problem, you should stop putting this debris in your sink; the grounds can get caught in your kitchen sink's P trap and cause a nasty and foul clog.


Even if you turn the hot water on while you run grease or oil from cooked foods down the drain, you should still never put oils and grease down any drain. When oils cool they can harden, which is what they typically do in your drainage system as well. Save oil and grease in a throwaway container instead.


A liquid seems perfectly OK to put down the drain, but smoothies aren't entirely liquid. Small bits of fruit can get caught inside your drain and require you to have your drains professionally cleaned--particularly if you regularly put your morning smoothie leftovers down the kitchen sink.


Oatmeal may seem like a liquid, but it's not. Even if your oatmeal (or creamed wheat) has plenty of water in it and appears smooth and liquid, you should still dump this food item in the garbage instead of the sink.

As a general rule, all food items, unless you have a garbage disposal, should be put in the trash, not down your kitchen sink. Remember as well that you should never flush anything but human waste down the toilet (so don't go from dumping items down the sink to putting them in the toilet).

Call your plumber if your drains are slow-moving, your sink appears to have a foul odor, or you have other plumbing problems. A clog may be present and need to be professionally removed from your drains. Contact professionals like Cox Construction & Plumbing for more information.