Today, one of the trends in bathroom designs is antique vessel sink vanities, which are going to add character and style to your remodeling project. To add a vessel, sink and vanity to your bathroom, there are going to be some things you need to do, such as removing the old vanity, choosing furniture, and finding the perfect plumbing fixtures. Getting started with the antique vanity bathroom makeover is easy, but finishing it is another story.

Removing the Old Vanity and Preparing Plumbing

To start your project, you will first need to remove the old vanity. Make sure that the water is turned off and let the faucet run until there is not water left in the lines. Remove the water and drain lines, and then, remove the sink. Once the sink is out of the way, you will be able to remove the vanity and take measurements for the new one that you are going to install.

On the Hunt for The Perfect Piece for An Antique Vanity

For vessel-style vanities, you have a few choices. You may want to buy a new unit that looks antique and is designed for this purpose, which will make things easier. If you choose to use an antique piece of furniture, take measurements for the space in your bathroom and find a piece that is a close match. With a little luck, you will be able to find an antique piece of furniture that fits perfectly in the space for your bathroom vanity.

Altering Your Vanity for Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures to Fit

Once you have found an antique vanity, it is going to need some modification for modern plumbing. In addition, you may also need to adjust the height by adding some type of legs if the piece you found is too low. You can make custom wood legs and stain them to match the vanity, or you can shop for cast iron legs. If the piece has drawers, you will need to make them shallower or cut out sections to make room for plumbing.

Choosing the Perfect Combination of Sink Vessel and Faucet

The last step in this process is to choose the perfect vessels and faucets to match the furniture you used as a vanity. Talk with a plumber about reproductions and modern glass vessels that can be used in your vanity project. You can also find antique vessels and have them mounted to the vanity. If you choose to use a vessel that does not have a hole for the drain, have a professional plumber help with mounting it to ensure there are no problems.

With a little hard work, creating your own unique antique vessel vanity is not too difficult. If you need help installing vessels and faucets, contact local plumber services for professional help.