An instant hot water dispenser is convenient for providing fresh water in homes and offices upon rotating the tap.  However, you may experience issues with the unit. These issues are commonly simple to fix with some troubleshooting. Troubleshoot an instant hot water dispenser by following these steps

Check the Power

If you get no water at all, make certain the cord didn't accidentally get unplugged and reconnect it. Test for a bad outlet by plugging the cord into a different one, and check the breaker box for tripped breakers or inspect the fuse box for blown fuses. Run a voltmeter to test for current on the suspected fault outlet.  

Some units may have an overload switch that needs to be reset. Find the red reset button, which is commonly installed on the front base or behind a front base panel, press it, wait several minutes, and try the dispenser again. If this doesn't fix the unit, the heating element may be faulty.

Adjust Water Temperature

If the water is too hot or not hot enough, try adjusting the temperature. A typical unit has the temperature set at 200 degrees F. Making several drinks at once could cause the temperature to drop, so wait several minutes to let the water get hot again, then try the dispenser. 

Otherwise, disconnect the power cord from the dispenser, and look for a dial or digital display. Rotate the dial to the hottest setting, or lower it until you get the desired temperature. 

Keep a check on the temperature to avoid scalding and sputtering or splashing from the steam. If you hear water constantly boiling in the reservoir, decrease the temperature to make the dispenser last longer.

Fix Strange Water Taste

Water that sits for a long time in the reservoir may develop a plastic or odd taste, and it often occurs in new dispensers. If you use three or less cups of water per day, purge the water from the machine, and let the machine heat back up before you drink water from it. Drain and unplug the unit before you go on vacations.

To remove the bad taste, locate the drain caps on the back of the machine, twist them off, and purge all the water from the dispenser into a bucket Remove the bottle support ring and the bottle. Bring six cups of water and three cups of white vinegar to a near boil, pour it into the reservoir on top of the unit, and let it stand half an hour. 

Purge the water again, and pour nine cups of near boiling water into the reservoir. Replace the bottle, and turn the machine back on after a half hour.