Working to make your life easier is sure to be something you want to accomplish. One thing that can help you do so is by not having to deal with clogged drains on a daily basis. This can become incredibly annoying and could cause you unnecessary stress. You could hire a company that offer drain cleaning services to help you, but being aware of ways you to keep your drains clean on the regular can also be very helpful to you.

Tip #1: Use bleach

Taking time to clean your drains after each use is always a good idea. This may mean removing any debris or hair that can clog your drains on a routine basis.

You may want to take this a step further every couple weeks and pour bleach down your drain. This can enable you to get a thorough cleaning and is safe when used occasionally.

Tip #2: Dispose of grease properly

The last thing you will want to do is deal with a clogged kitchen sink because of grease. This can be a problem for many homeowners and is easy to resolve.

Rather than putting your grease down the sink, it's a much better idea to just place it in a bowl. You can use aluminum foil and then put the oil on that for an easier trash disposal.

Tip #3: Run the hot water

Putting your water on the highest temperature and letting it run for a while can help clean out your drains. This is a much better option than only using cold water and will allow you to avoid clogs better in the process.

Tip #4: Clean the stopper

Most sinks will have a pop-up stopper in place that can collect water rather than drain it when necessary. Be sure to keep this item of your sink cleaned at all times to avoid a potential clogged drain.

Tip #5: Remove left over food particles

When you're preparing a meal, you will want to be sure to take the time to keep any food particles out of the sink. This will only take an extra minute of your time and could be extremely helpful in preventing a clog. 

Working to keep your drain as clean as possible is sure to help make all of your kitchen and bathroom visits easier. This should be a simple task to do if you are mindful and proactive each day. Be sure to enlist the assistance of a plumber if you need to have your drains clogged!