Anyone who is looking to host a high school baseball tournament on a weekend this summer needs to take into account the bathroom needs of the people who will be attending. The best way to do that is to rent multiple portable toilets or porta potties.

Tournaments Can Be Lengthy

A weekend baseball tournament can often last an entire Saturday and Sunday. For example, a typical high school game takes at least four to seven innings to finish. Shorter games occur if one team mercies the other or scores too many runs for the other team to catch up. A full regulation game is seven innings and can take one to two hours.

So if a tournament has five teams and a potential of 10 different games, that's upward of 20 hours or 10 hours a day. People who are interested in attending this event are going to need a place to go to the bathroom, especially if the field is in an area that is a bit out of the way. That's where porta potties come into play.

Calculating How Many To Rent

So how many porta potties should a person rent for a baseball tournament? That depends on how many people are attending. Typically, it is wise to get one porta potty for every 20 people or so. There should be at least one handicap one per 20 restrooms or one minimum if the number is under 20.

While the number of people that attend a tournament can vary, it may be a somewhat high number. For example, a four or five team tournament has at least nine people per team and a few coaches. As most will have close to 15-20 players, that's about 22 people per team or over 100 just for the players and coaches alone.

The Price Is Usually Reasonable

When renting porta potties for a baseball tournament, is important to understand how much they cost. Typically, they cost anywhere from $60 to $100 a day or $150 to $200 per weekend. So if a baseball tournament is taking place on a Saturday and a Sunday, it is wise to just go the full weekend route. This rate is per porta potty, though, so make sure to include that in any calculations.

For example, if about 200 people are expected to show up to the tournament, it is good to get 10-11 porta potties for the weekend. At a cost of $200 per weekend, that's $2,000 to $2,000, not counting installation, removal, and maintenance fees. These will add a little more money to the price, though not as much as the rental cost.

Planning a porta potty experience for a weekend baseball tournament is a fairly simple process if the person doing the planning takes into account these simple factors. While it may cost a little bit of money to pull everything together, it is worth it if the event goes off without a hitch.