When restoring a home that has fallen into despair, you have many options for bringing it back to a good condition. Some of the things in the home may be repaired, such as minor damage to interior finishes or hardware on cabinetry. There are also some things that may be better to replace, like outdated mechanical systems or damaged windows and doors. Some things may also be refinished to bring them back to condition. Here are the best choices for repairing, replacing and refinishing different areas of your home restoration project:

What to Repair: It may be difficult to determine what needs to be repaired in your home. The things that are worth repairing include wood trim that you may want to salvage and woodwork in things like cabinets. Repair hardware on things like doors and cabinetry if you plan on reusing it. You may also want to repair mechanical systems that only need minor repairs, check plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems for problems that can be repaired. In addition, you will want to do repairs to things like brick and concrete, as well as drywall. If you have watermarks on drywall, have the leaks repaired and then replace the damage section of sheetrock before painting to prevent the watermark from bleeding through once you have finished the restoration work.

What to Replace: Sometimes, restoration may include replacing things that cannot be saved. Old mechanical systems that need repairs may not be worth saving. Consider replacing things like water heaters and HVAC systems that are outdated with newer energy efficient designs. In addition, window replacements may be a good option for older windows that are damaged and have thin single pane glass. Inspect exterior finishes for signs they need replacing, starting with the roof. Look for signs of aging and damage to the roofing materials and have it replaced if it is too worn. If your home has old, damaged siding that needs too many repairs, replacing it with modern materials like vinyl will give your home a new look and may even be more affordable than having the old siding repaired.

What to Refinish: Restoring your home can also involve refinishing materials to make them look like new again. Starting with the cabinets, you may want to consider refacing them with doors and new hardware to give them life again, which allows you to use the original frames. Tubs and enamel finishes in bathrooms and kitchens can also be refinished to reuse the same materials and give them new life. Hardwood flooring is another refinishing project that will allow you to keep original materials by giving them new life. When refinishing hardwood, there are also options to change the look of your floors using different finishing techniques.

These are some of the different options for restoring a home and choosing how you want to do it. If you have radiant heating, contact a boiler repair service to help with the repairs to update your radiators and boiler. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Assured Plumbing & Heating.