Having a house full of overnight guests can make you feel warm and loved, especially around the holidays. But while it's nice having a lot of people around, they can also be a burden on your plumbing system. Most plumbing and sewage systems are not set up to handle the waste and shower water of 10, 12, or 16 friends and family members. So, you'll want to keep these tips in mind to help prevent backups, clogs, and more.

Space out your showers.

If you have a septic system, it's very important to follow this tip. Septic tanks are only designed to hold so much water. If you live in a 3-bedroom home, for example, your home's builder probably selected a tank that can handle the average waste and waste water from four or five people. Keep sending water down into it after it is full, and you may end up with a yard filled with sewage.

Space out your showers to avoid overworking your septic tank. Have a few people shower in the morning, a few more in the early evening, and others just before bed. If people are willing to shower every other day, that's even better.

Even if you do not have a septic system, it's best to space out your showers so nobody is left with a cold one because the hot water tank is empty.

Don't overwork the garbage disposal.

When you're cooking for a crowd, there's a lot more food waste. Don't try to feed it all down the garbage disposal, or you risk having the disposal overheat and pipes clog with the excessive material. Instead, put most of your waste in the trash while your guests are in town. This also helps prevent accidents that can happen when guests who are unfamiliar with garbage disposals try putting off-limits items like meat bones and celery stalks down them.

Make sure everyone knows what not to flush.

With so many people using the toilet, people flushing feminine hygiene products, personal wipes, or paper towels could become a real problem. These items don't break down nearly as quickly as toilet paper, so if they get stuck in a pipe, you may end up with a backup or overflow.

An easy way to make sure nobody flushes anything other than toilet paper is to put a kindly worded sign in the bathroom. Just write "please don't flush anything other than toilet paper!" on a little card, and tape it to the back of the toilet. If your friends and family members have any courtesy at all, they'll follow your instructions.

For more advice or if you need help clearing a clog, contact plumbers like Whitewater  Plumbing &  Heating Inc in your area.