Did you just recover from a situation in which toxic wastewater saturated the floors in your house? If you are afraid that the situation might happen again, it is important to make sure your plumbing system receives occasional maintenance. It is important for minor problems to be repaired before they get to the point of your wastewater backing up into your house again. It is a good idea to keep the contact information of a plumber handy at all times. This article will give you a general idea about some of the helpful things that a plumber can do on your behalf.

1. Clean Out the Plumbing Lines

One of the best things that can be done to keep your plumbing system in good shape is to get the lines cleaned every now and then. You can clean the lines on your own, but only to a certain extent. For instance, the cleaning products and tools that are sold in stores will not clean the plumbing lines in a thorough manner. If you hire a plumber for the task on occasion, he or she can do a thorough job by using commercial products. Your plumbing system can be cleaned with jetting equipment, which will be especially useful for clearing out the main sewer line.

2. Find Leaking Pipes Behind Walls

If you ever notice that mold is growing on walls, or that there are large moisture levels in your house, it might mean that a plumbing line is leaking. The worst thing about such a situation is that the lines are mostly located behind walls, which can be difficult to inspect on your own without some demolishing being done. Anytime that a leak is suspected in a plumbing line, it is wise to contact a plumber, like R Acres Plumbing Company LLC, rather than demolishing drywall. The reason why is because a plumber has the skills for locating leaks without actually accessing the lines. He or she will basically use commercial equipment for locating the problematic lines before demolishing walls, which can help to avoid unnecessary damage being done to drywall.

3. Inspect the Main Sewer Line

The main sewer line is the most complicated one to access in a plumbing system. The reason why is because it is under the ground on the outside of your house. When wastewater backs up from numerous plumbing fixtures, it is likely something wrong with the main sewer line. You should get the line inspected by a professional in such a case. He or she can look at the pipe by using a borescope, which helps prevent the ground from being excavated for the inspection process.