If you find that you keep running into the same plumbing problems in different homes, you might just be unlucky. However, there is the chance that you might be inadvertently causing plumbing problems based on bad habits. Here are four common plumbing problems that you might actually be causing yourself and how to avoid them.

1. Flushing Too Many Products

Depending on the age of your home's plumbing, some toilets are going to be more finicky than others. While there might be feminine hygiene products and sanitary wipes that boast that they are toilet-friendly, these can cause major clogs in older plumbing. It is a good idea to try your best to only flush toilet paper and even limit the amount of toilet paper that you use.

2. Trusting Your Garbage Disposal

If you have moved into a home with a garbage disposal already installed, you might not know how old it is and what it can really handle. If your garbage disposal seems finicky or gets clogged easily, there is a chance you are overusing it. A disposal is designed to catch organic matter here and there, not pulverize veggies or eggshells or wash away coffee grinds. You might end up breaking your system and needing a replacement garbage disposal due to constant overuse.

3. Putting Grease and Chemicals Down the Drain

Another culprit in the kitchen is not watching out for liquids that shouldn't really be coming into contact with pipes and plumbing. This can include grease in a liquid state that can harden as it is washed down your sink and stick to pipes, causing drainage issues and clogs. Harsh chemicals such as paint, paint remover, and gardening chemicals definitely shouldn't be washed down the sink, as these might lead to corrosion of pipes over time.

4. Letting Hair Clog the Shower Drain

If your bathroom tub is always clogging, you might want to think about what is constantly causing blockages. If you have family members with long hair, their strands might be clogging drains, and this will need to be constantly fixed. You might be able to unclog the drains with chemical drain cleaners, but hair down the drain can lead to even bigger issues with your plumbing system over time. Be sure to use drain catchers and clean these out daily to save your bathtub drains and pipes.

Give your plumbing a break regardless of how new it is by trying to instill good daily habits in your household. Look for Belanger Plumbing & Heating plumbing service or contact another company in your area if you run into difficult issues.