Crawlspaces are a part of many homes, and people rarely stop and think about them. In fact, few even know that crawlspaces may be the culprit behind high heating bills and other energy dilemmas. If you find that you are unable to cheaply heat your home and find it impossible to save energy, it's worth looking at whether crawlspaces may be the issue.

Symptoms of Crawlspace Issues

First, it's important to consider whether there are some obvious signs of crawlspace issues in your home. If there are, you may take having multiple problems as evidence that you need to speak to a heating professional about what to do about your crawlspace dilemma. The following things indicate that you likely have a problem:

  • Flooring problems in the areas directly above a crawlspace.
  • Shifts in the insulation of an area near a crawlspace.
  • Seeing or smelling mold in or near crawlspaces.
  • Frequent sightings of rodents, rats, and insects within your house.
  • Dampness in certain areas near the crawlspace.

Maintenance is Important

The best way to keep your heating and cooling costs down is to be vigilant about the maintenance of your system as well as your home. Maintaining your home itself as well as insulation and crawlspaces is a must. Talk to your heating professional about a plan to check out and perform maintenance on crawlspaces. That can help catch problems before they start to cause you headaches.

Look at the Insulation in Your Crawlspaces

If maintenance alone doesn't solve the issues you may have with your crawlspaces, you may want to have a professional take a look at the type of insulation you currently have in your crawlspaces. If you haven't pursued this issue for the entire time that you've lived in your home, you may be surprised to learn that it may have fiberglass insulation. That's common among older homes, but it is often not the best insulation since it can lose the proper effect over time. Replace any less-than-stellar insulation within crawlspaces, and you will likely save big over time on your heating and cooling costs.

Finally, you may be surprised how a big problem can be caused by such a small space. It's important to take action if you suspect that crawlspaces are wreaking havoc on your energy bills and ability to effectively heat your home. Professional heating services can send a licensed professional that can help evaluate whether your heating woes lie within your crawlspace or elsewhere in your home. Contact a business, such as SDA Armstrong Mechanical Services Ltd, for more information.