If you are re-modeling your bathroom then you should consider replacing your toilet with a new one. A new toilet will look attractive and make your bathroom sparkle. Replacing a toilet is a fairly easy job that can be completed by following the simple steps outlined below.

To complete the task you will need the following items:

A replacement bowl

Pair of rubber gloves



Adjustable wrench


A caulking gun

1 - Start by measuring the distance from the bolts on the toilet to the wall. Standard toilets are typically 12 inches in distance and will give you an idea of what type of toilet you need to buy. Purchase a new toilet in the same size from your local hardware store

2 - Start taking out the old unit by shutting off the water supply to the old toilet before removing it. Once the water is off flush the toilet to remove anything left inside the bowl and empty the tank. Put on a pair of gloves and soak up the remaining water on the inside of the bowl with a sponge and bucket.

3 - Remove the tank bolts and disconnect the water supply line to disconnect the old tank. The using your legs lift the bowl off and remove it. Then using the adjustable wrench, remove the nuts that are holding the bowl to the floor, so you can lift it off the floor.

4 - Install the new toilet by lifting it into place and line it up to the anchor bolts. Make sure that the new toilet is connected to the wax ring around the sewer pipe and that it forms a proper seal.

5 - Make the bowl is level and tighten up the nuts with the adjustable wrench.

6 - Attach the tank to the bowl by lining it up to the corresponding holes. Tighten the bolts and re-attach the water supply.

7 - You will want to add a line of caulking with the caulking gun around the base of the bowl to ensure that it's water proof. Make sure you give it twenty-four hours to allow the caulking to dry before turning back on the water supply and testing the bowl to complete the job.

Following these easy steps will allow you to get a new toilet installed, while saving the money on hiring someone to put it into your new bathroom. If you don't have the time or patience to install a new toilet, then you can hire a local professional plumber to install a new replacement toilet for a modest fee. Look online for more about this topic