Waiting for the plumber to get to your house and fix a leak that is bad enough to make you shut the water off can leave you without the ability to bathe or flush the toilet. If you have to get ready for work, or have a household of people that need to use the bathroom, the situation is very frustrating. To make things easier on everyone, and keep the water flowing without causing a flood somewhere in the house, here are a few quick fixes that will help until the professional can get there for a permanent fix.

Fill the Hole

If there is a hole, and you have found it, in a pipe, fill it with something. This could be a stick, some clay, or even a wadded up rag. Now wrap the entire pipe with some type of strong tape. If you have some plumber's epoxy, apply a layer of it over the tape. After roughly 30 minutes the epoxy should be cured enough to turn the water back on. If you do not have any epoxy, wrap more tape around the pipe and try the water.

Wrap the Leak

If the leak is not just a hole, but more of a split, you need to wrap it. Use an old, or new, bike inner tube and some type of clamp. The hose clamps on your washing machine work great for this. If you can't get to them, use a small "C" clamp but put a couple of small wood blocks where the clamp ends will attach to keep from crushing the pipe. If you have nothing else, use some duct tape, but be prepared to replace it frequently.

Catch the Water

If you have no way of stopping the leak for a few minutes, put something under the leak to catch the water. Once the receptacle is filled, pour the caught water into the tank of the toilet. You will now have a few more flushes available.

It is a good idea to put a bowl or towel down to catch any water that still leaks out during the quick fix process. You should also turn the water back off when it is not being used. It might be a bit of a hassle to turn the water on and off until the plumber gets there, but it will keep any water damage to a minimum while allowing your family to go on with daily life. For more information, contact A Rescue Rooter 24 hour plumbing service.