Unfortunately, homeowners can find themselves plagued by low water pressure. Suddenly water is dripping slowly out of the faucet and it becomes much harder to get clean the shower. There are a few causes and solutions every responsible homeowner should know about.

Clogged Pipes

Many times clogged pipes can cause low water pressure issues. It is entirely possible that dirt has leaked into pipes. Leaves, rocks, and plants can join dirt in stopping water from passing through. While there are a few different reasons why things there is build-up in the pipes, the easiest solution is to have the pipes flushed. There are many products that can be poured into the sink that will break up and wash away stuck material. Baking soda and vinegar can be an effective option to pour into the drain.


A hole in a pipe can divert water and reduce water pressure. This particular problem can occur anywhere in the lines. It can happen in the system connected to your home, but it could also occur in the line that is linked to your local reservoir. Leaks can be difficult to locate. In this case, a plumber needs to be consulted. This is not a project that can be done by yourself because it may require digging up the pipes.


The pressure reducing valve controls the amount of pressure the home is getting. If the screws come loose or there is a crack in the valve, there can be problems in the home water system. Adjusting the valve itself will increase or decrease the power of water pouring through the pipes. However, if that doesn't work, look at the screws. Make sure they are securely tightened. If the screws are not the source of the issue, examine the area for a crack. The valve can be replaced by homeowners without needing a plumber.

Hot Water Heater

If the problem only happens when the hot water is running, it is likely there is an issue with the hot water heater. This is rarely a spontaneous event. It typically starts after a new hot water system is put in to replace an older one. When there is low hot water pressure, it means that something was improperly installed. A professional should be consulted to see precisely what the problem is.

No matter what the cause, having low water pressure can be obnoxious. The slow flow of water can be the result of several different situations. Once they have been identified, most can be fixed by the homeowner. Talk to a professional like Paton Bros Ltd for assistance.