Drain flies can be pesky little creatures that flourish in moist environments. These gnat-like flies are most commonly found where there is standing water or drains; hence, their name. While they don't bit or sting, drain flies, or moth flies, tend to multiply quickly and can intensify symptoms in asthma sufferers. Follow these tips to find out if you have drain flies and learn how to eradicate their presence.

Do You Have Drain Flies?

Drain flies are small, winged, and have a fuzzy appearance. They feed off of and breed in the sticky organic matter that is commonly present inside most drains and water that stands for long periods. Common areas in which homeowners find these pests include:

You'll certainly be able to see drain flies when they are present; however you may not exactly where they are living and breeding.

Tape Testing for Drain Flies

Using tape, you can easily identify the areas where drain flies are hanging out and breeding. Attach two-sided tape to the top of drain holes in sinks or tubs and around any areas you suspect the flies are harboring. Leave the tape in place overnight, and check the tape's surface for any adhered drain flies.

This same process can be performed with single sided duct or shipping tape as well. Simply stick two ends of the tape together, leaving the adhesive side exposed and placing it on suspect areas. If you discover the presence of drain flies, there are several solutions for eradicating them.

How to Eliminate Pesky Moth Flies

Flies present in your sink, tub, or a toilet can be eliminated by using a non-caustic drain gel that is available at most hardware and home improvement stores. These gels are specifically designed to eradicate the organic matter in plumbing where drain flies feed and kill any present drain fly larvae.

In basements, garages, and air conditioner drain pans, you should remove any standing water first. Treat the area with diluted bleach to kill the larvae, taking time to scrub away any residue build up that may serve as a future breeding ground for drain flies. Keeping your home free of standing water and frequent cleaning with the bleach solution are the two simplest ways to prevent future infestations.

Unfortunately, none of these methods will effectively kill the adult flies that are currently present in your home. However, here are three approaches to eradicate adult drain flies.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Adult Drain Flies

  1. Fly Swatters: Depending on the size of the fly outbreak, the easiest solution may be to swat them as you spot them.
  2. Dish Soap Solution: The borax in most dish soaps feature insecticidal properties. Mix a few drops of the soap into a spray bottle with one or two cups of water. Shake it up and spray the solution in affected areas and directly on the flies, when possible, to kill them.
  3. Use a Homemade Trap: Mix equal amounts of water, sugar and white vinegar into a bowl along with a few drops of dish soap. Leave the bowl to sit overnight near affected areas. Drain flies will be attracted to the fragrance of the liquid mixture, but they die as soon as they land in the bowl via drowning.

If you've exhausted all of these tips and options for locating and eliminating your drain fly problems, consider calling an experienced plumber at C J Plumbing & Heating for more in-depth solutions.